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Recursos interesantes sobre Julia. Instalar Julia: Nivel Principiante Si estás aprendiendo Julia y quieres empezar sin complicaciones, te recomiendo instalar JuliaPro el cual es un IDE que instala editor de […]



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On Misleading Solutions in Evolutionary Bilevel Optimization

On Misleading Solutions in Evolutionary Bilevel Optimization

Misleading solutions or pseudo-feasible solutions in Bilevel Optimization are infeasible solutions that has the same objective function values (considering both level) that the optimum one.

Bi-level Optimization Bibliography

Thousands of bibliographic references on bi-level optimization. Bi-level optimization consists of solving an optimization problem with another optimization problem as a constraint.

SAC 2020: An efficient metaheuristic for bi-level optimization

A presentation related to my PhD work on “an efficient metaheuristic for bi-level optimization” (in Spanish). Download the presentation here.

Bilevel Optimization Without Tears

This tutorial offers a gentle introduction to bilevel optimization (BO) by using practical examples but highlighting the main differences between BO and other traditional optimization tasks such as global optimization, […]


Surrogate assisted Metaheuristic for Bilevel Optimization Source code will be available soon…

BCAP for the Automated Parameter Tuning

This work presents a proposal for automated parameter tuning modeled with a hierarchical optimization structure. A framework is proposed in order to handle the randomness and noise from results for […]

A Physics-Inspired Algorithm for Bilevel Optimization

Abstract . This paper presents the application of a physics-inspired algorithm based on the center of mass concept, called Bilevel Centers Algorithm (BCA), to deal with bilevel optimization problems. The […]

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