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Quasi-Newton Bilevel Centers Algorithm was designed for optimization problems. Julia 1.1.0



A physics-inspired algorithm based on the center of mass concep to deal with bilevel optimization problems. Julia 6.x   Explanation here.



ECA is a physics-inspired algorithm based on the center of mass concept for real-parameter single-objective optimization. Python Matlab Julia C/C++



Test problems for bilevel optimization. C/C++ Julia Matlab (external author)


Latest Tutorials

Bilevel Optimization Without Tears

This tutorial offers a gentle introduction to bilevel optimization (BO) by using practical examples but highlighting the main differences between BO and other traditional optimization tasks such as global optimization, […]

A Physics-Inspired Algorithm for Bilevel Optimization

Abstract . This paper presents the application of a physics-inspired algorithm based on the center of mass concept, called Bilevel Centers Algorithm (BCA), to deal with bilevel optimization problems. The […]

bilevel tutorial

Introduction to Bilevel Optimization

Here, an introduction to bilevel optimization is given. Some examples are also presented.

SAC 2020: An efficient metaheuristic for bi-level optimization

A presentation related to my PhD work on “an efficient metaheuristic for bi-level optimization” (in Spanish). Download the presentation here.


Surrogate assisted Metaheuristic for Bilevel Optimization Source code will be available soon…

Curso Julia en el CIIA


Recursos interesantes sobre Julia. Instalar Julia: Nivel Principiante Si estás aprendiendo Julia y quieres empezar sin complicaciones, te recomiendo instalar JuliaPro el cual es un IDE que instala editor de […]

Introducción al Cómputo Inteligente

Resumen: En este tutorial se da una introducción al Computo Inteligente. Se abordarán, principalmente, los algoritmos basados en metáforas biológicas como la evolución natural o comportamientos cooperativos entre organismos simples […]

BCAP for the Automated Parameter Tuning

This work presents a proposal for automated parameter tuning modeled with a hierarchical optimization structure. A framework is proposed in order to handle the randomness and noise from results for […]

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